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Meet Some of Our Vendors


Year after year, Mary Square inspires women to celebrate life, have faith in who they are and to live a life without regret. We are a community of women that encourage each other to be better than the last and to value where we have come from. We believe in celebrating the everyday and embracing life’s little imperfections. We find freedom in expressing how we feel and find joy in lifting spirits up.

Creating inspiration is what we do. It is at the core of who we are and the “why” behind our brand. We work hard behind the scenes each day to bring you joy in the smallest of things. Whether it is a piece of decor that reminds you that you are strong, a favorite dress that makes your confidence soar, an inspirational journal that helps you realize your dreams or a heartfelt gift that you can give to a loved one; we are here for every season of your life. Whatever the day may hold, we empower you to create your journey and we will be right here cheering you on along the way.


We didn't have some weird obsession with coffee that lead us into dreaming of a coffee mug shop. Nope. Our story is rather quite simple. It was just a thought. But then it grew into much more. Tons of research. A simple investment in a mug press. Learning photography. Polishing our photoshop skills, and there you have it!

Officially opening an Etsy shop in January 2016, we realized that people loved our mugs. Our original designs and overall quality drew our customers in. With a 4.98 star rating (out of 5) on Etsy and over 12,000 sales in our first year, we knew we were doing something right! We knew the next step could only be launching our own site. And then, obviously, world domination. But we'll tackle that another day. Maybe you'll help us.

We are a husband and wife team who left corporate America to pursue our dreams. As a web developer and speech language pathologist, we decided to transition the skills from those careers into a world of mugs. We think it worked!

We know our mugs are used in very special occasions including pregnancy announcements, graduations, and weddings..to name a few. Every mug we send and every picture or video shared by our customers of these magical moments makes us giddy all over again! It seems silly, but mugs have created something special for us. Our unimpressive "love" story ends with a true addiction to coffee, a passion for being involved in special moments for others, and a dedication to our customers. We have truly made friends with many of our customers who continue to come back, and for that, we love you. Welcome to the Mugsby family.

Studio Oh!

Here at Studio Oh! we are always dreaming about the future. We strive to create products that are inspiring, delightful, and unexpected. We are proud to introduce a range of items that feature fresh, original artwork, designed to transform ordinary goods into cherished belongings.

We believe that even the smallest details can add a touch of wit and whimsy to the everyday. Something special happens when we write a note to a loved one on beautiful paper or drop our keys and knickknacks in a charming dish at the end of a long day. Studio Oh! is about celebrating the little moments that make us smile, and we hope that our products will do the same for you.