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Meet Some of Our Vendors


We didn't have some weird obsession with coffee that lead us into dreaming of a coffee mug shop. Nope. Our story is rather quite simple. It was just a thought. But then it grew into much more. Tons of research. A simple investment in a mug press. Learning photography. Polishing our photoshop skills, and there you have it!

Officially opening an Etsy shop in January 2016, we realized that people loved our mugs. Our original designs and overall quality drew our customers in. With a 4.98 star rating (out of 5) on Etsy and over 12,000 sales in our first year, we knew we were doing something right! We knew the next step could only be launching our own site. And then, obviously, world domination. But we'll tackle that another day. Maybe you'll help us.

We are a husband and wife team who left corporate America to pursue our dreams. As a web developer and speech language pathologist, we decided to transition the skills from those careers into a world of mugs. We think it worked!

We know our mugs are used in very special occasions including pregnancy announcements, graduations, and name a few. Every mug we send and every picture or video shared by our customers of these magical moments makes us giddy all over again! It seems silly, but mugs have created something special for us. Our unimpressive "love" story ends with a true addiction to coffee, a passion for being involved in special moments for others, and a dedication to our customers. We have truly made friends with many of our customers who continue to come back, and for that, we love you. Welcome to the Mugsby family.


In the spring of 2015, wife, mother of four, and military veteran, Melissa Burgess received a DIY candle-kit for her birthday and quickly fell in love with the candlemaking process. She found that it gave her a creative and therapeutic outlet while juggling the demands of motherhood and processing an on-going journey with PTSD.

After signing up for a handful of local maker's markets, Melissa's unique blends, strong fragrant throws, and muted packaging quickly gained the attention of San Diego consumers and retailers alike.  This early success eventually led to her husband jumping ship from corporate America and joining her in this "accidental candle company" full-time.-In just a few short years, Craft + Foster has grown from local candle pop-up to a nationally recognized brand featured in Neiman Marcus and hundreds of amazing independent retail locations across the country. 

MakeUp Eraser

The Original MakeUp Eraser was founded in 2013 by a robe, turned accidental invention. 

Five years prior to inventing MakeUp Eraser, Lexi had been gifted a robe to use by the pool. For whatever reason, Lexi then started using the robe with water to take off her makeup. Literally, she was removing her makeup with water and a robe. Every night, she would use a different section of her robe to remove her makeup… until it hit her! She had not purchased a single makeup removal product in over five years! To make sure she wasn’t crazy, she cut her robe into smaller pieces and started asking people close to her to try it out. After much testing and surveying of friends and family, the verdict was in: this chemical-free makeup remover was magic!

Lexi wanted to share this discovery with the world and began formulating a better, softer, and plusher material than the one she had used from the robe. The result was a perfect blend of antibacterial polyester to erase ALL makeup with JUST water! Lexi patented the blend to give us all The Original MakeUp Eraser we use and know today.

The first ever MakeUp Eraser was hand cut and sewn by Lexi’s grandmother in her sewing room from their hometown in Washington. Still today, the company remains a family-oriented business with Lexi, Daniel, her sister Shiianna and her mother Tanya hands on everyday. Six years later, and the brand is global and selling in some of the largest retailers in the world.