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Meet Some of Our Vendors

Woven Pear

Woven Pear began in 2015, when our founder was searching for a nice pair of socks to buy for his wife at Nordstrom. While the selection in the men's section was pretty snappy, there was a huge hole in the women's section. Already in the apparel business, he decided to start Woven Pear and be the first to create a quality women's sock that had every desirable feature imaginable: high-quality woven cotton, hand-dipped, hand-dyed, seamless toe, fresh designs, and positive messages. In a world of increasing negativity, we wanted to create a cheerful sock that created fun for your feet!

Craft & Foster

In the spring of 2015, wife, mother of four, military veteran and maker, Melissa Burgess, received her first DIY candle kit. Melissa quickly fell in love with the candle making process and began pouring them for her home, friends, and family.

After signing up for a handful of local maker's markets, Melissa's unique blends, strong fragrant throws, and muted packaging, quickly gained the attention of San Diego consumers and retailers alike.

Now what was once a part-time hobby has become a full-time family business with a retail/pour studio in Oceanside, CA and over 150 retailers across the country!

Lola Jane Natural Skincare

Lola Jane began in the fall of 2015 from our home studio. Prior to our launch, we'd been crafting natural products infused with essential oils for family and friends, when they all urged us to get these products in to the hands of everyone. We launched as Golden Valley Naturals and underwent a re-brand in 2016. Our re-branding took the same incredible products and packaged them in reusable, recyclable and compo-stable containers. Our name changed to reflect our new vision and inspiration for the brand. Click here for the story behind the name and why giving birth to our son at 25 weeks had us seeking a more natural lifestyle.

We are passionate about total mind and body self care and crafting natural products infused with pure, powerful, healing ingredients and essential oils. Each product is thoughtfully crafted in small batches to give you the highest quality and freshness. Lola Jane products can be worked into your everyday beauty ritual and provide you with simple, elegant alternatives to your commercial products. We use these products daily on our families and friends and are thrilled to offer them to you!

Our products are made with natural, organic and responsibly wild-harvested oils, butters, waxes, clays, herbs, and minerals. Scent is obtained using the highest quality pure therapeutic grade essential oils.