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Outlaw Handmade Soap Samples


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Whether it's the bold, rich leather and sawdust of a tack room; the sweet, bright scent and the freedom of summer vacation; or a wild weekend with friends, we're confident we can find a scent that's just where you want to be.

How many showers do you need to decide which is your favorite?

  • A few showers: Get the $19 sample box (8, 1 oz Sample Bars)

These handmade soap sets contain samples of the most popular Outlaw scents:

  • Blazing Saddles - Smells like leather, gunpowder, sandalwood, and sagebrush
  • Calamity Jane - Smells like clove, orange, cinnamon, and (of course) whiskey
  • The Cursed Cowboy - Smells like clove and campfire
  • Fire in the Hole - Smells like campfire, whiskey, gunpowder, and sagebrush
  • Hair of the Dog - Smells like whiskey, sweet tobacco, and coffee
  • Home on the Range - Smells like laundry, blackberries, and fresh-cut grass
  • Lust in the Dust - Smells like sagebrush and sandalwood
  • (sample size ONLY) Outlaw's Garage - Pumice Soap that smells like a garage


This incredible collection includes our most popular scents, complete with a little folded tag, so you can decide which Outlaw scent is best for you.

PLEASE NOTE: When your soaps arrive, the scents may have experienced some blending. Please suspend judgment of whether you like the scents until you've lathered.

Soaps that are set on flat shelves without airflow become very sad soaps. They melt. It's horrible. Please put these on a caddy or other soap dishlike thing so they have adequate air circulation.

Why try running with the Outlaws?

👩🏻‍🔬 Outlaw scents are one-of-a-kind, created to benefit your mood and personal outlook based on real psychological science (we work with famed scent researcher, Rachel Herz, to focus on scents that will evoke memories - they're called "autobiographical scents"). This means Outlaw scents aren't "pretty scents," they're scents with a purpose.

🧴 Outlaw cold-process, handmade, natural soap is made with vegan, cruelty-free, ethically sourced oils. We've picked special oils for exactly the right amount of lather and moisturizingness (is that a word? it is now!). This makes Outlaw soap both delightfully sudsy in the shower and silky smooth after the shower.

🇺🇸 Each soap is handcrafted and hand-wrapped in Sparks, Nevada (just East of Reno). We're ethical employers and believe that production work isn't slave labor. When you buy from Outlaw, you're supporting good people doing good work.

🐰 We are committed to kindness to animals and to the planet. Outlaw is proud to be Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free.

We know Outlaw doesn't make the cheapest soaps on the market.

This is because we believe in high-quality ingredients, ethical production practices, sustainable packaging, and worker-friendly employment. And the frustrating truth is that most other companies don't.