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A fragrance inspired by the earthy, boho vibes of Wildfire Clay Goods.

Refreshing notes of eucalyptus, rosewater and California orange dance with the sweetness of coconut and honeycomb and soft, sleepy santal and teak wood lie with deep amber and sweet musk.

Made with upcycled fragrance oils.


Shampoo Bar Benefits: Shampoo bars offer a host of benefits for both your hair and the environment. They reduce plastic waste with minimal or no packaging, promoting a more sustainable future. These bars are natural, biodegradable ingredients, free from harmful chemicals, providing gentle care for your hair. With their longevity and water-efficient properties, these shampoo bars are not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly. So, make the switch to a cleaner, greener hair care routine and enjoy beautiful locks while reducing your environmental footprint.

Shampoo Key Ingredients: Gentle, plant derived cleansers, organic extracted dandelion oil, organic castor oil, aloe extract, oat protein, vitamin B5, and upcycled or naturally derived fragrances.

Conditioner Bar Benefits: Conditioner bars are a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to traditional liquid conditioners. These bars offer a range of benefits, from reducing plastic waste through minimal or zero packaging to their biodegradable ingredients, which are kind to both your hair and the planet. They provide nourishing, chemical-free care for your locks, leaving them soft, shiny, and manageable. Just like shampoo bars, conditioner bars are a cost-effective, long-lasting option and are perfect for those seeking a more sustainable approach to hair care. Make the eco-conscious choice for healthier hair and a greener future with conditioner bars.

Conditioner Key Ingredients: Plant based conditioning agents, organic babbasu oil, organic extracted dandelion oil, organic cocoa butter, daikon radish seed extract, aloe extract, oat protein, vitamin B5, and upcycled or naturally derived fragrances 
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