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Ball Balm Soothing Cream

Ball Balm Soothing Cream

Take Care Of Your Precious Pair 

Ball Balm is packed with skin-safe natural ingredients to bring relief and comfort to you and your boys below by providing deep hydration to help soothe and repair chafed, dry or irritated skin. 

  • 👍 Helps soothe chafing, irritation and calm razor burn.
  • 🙌 Fragrance free, paraben-free, sulfate free
  • ✈️ 2oz TSA Travel-Approved

Active Ingredients

  • Colloidal Oatmeal - helps soothe skin and reduce irritation
  • Aloe - Natural anti-oxidant which helps repair skin damage
  • Zinc Ricinoleate - natural deodorizer
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