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Hey, I'm Cailey!

I design textiles for the modern nursery and home, using organic cotton and non toxic ink for most of the items in my shop. Creating products that are safe for your family to hold onto is one of my top priorities.

More about Cailey and Southern Top Stitch:

I'm a coffee loving, sweater wearing southern California girl living in Tennessee with my husband Matt, and our morkiepoo Larue. If you read through my blog, you can see more of our daily adventures!

All of the products you find in my shop were thought up and designed by me or my sister, Nikki. This business started as my creative hobby, but when my sister Nikki became pregnant with her first child, she had me designing products that would fit her and her husband's style, while also being practical for daily use. This has helped me create an expansive nursery and home decor line that sells in stores all across the US and a couple stores in Canada. 

I hope when you browse my shop, you feel a sense of “this is so perfect, I need this!” and I hope when you read my blog posts and our featured guests' posts, you feel a sense of comfort, coziness, self care, and thoughtfulness.

About Larue: Larue is often jokingly referred to as Matt and I's "child" because we love her so much, center our days around her, and take her everywhere we go. When Larue isn't eating peanut butter or chewing on her squeaker toys, you can find her guarding our neighborhood from the comfort of the living room, peeking between the blinds to bark at anyone who dares to pass without saying hello to her.

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