MakeUp Eraser

Meet our founder

Meet Elexsis McCarthy, the beauty & brains behind the magic at The Original MakeUp Eraser. She founded the brand in 2013, after accidentally discovering that she had invented a makeup remover that used zero chemicals, JUST water!


Lexi and her husband, Daniel, have always had entrepreneurial mindsets, and before founding MakeUp Eraser, they began their careers in real estate. Lexi and Daniel have been married for 15 years and reside in Glendale, AZ with their 4 children and 2 Boston Terriers.

Where it all began

The Original MakeUp Eraser was founded in 2013 by a robe, turned accidental invention. 

Five years prior to inventing MakeUp Eraser, Lexi had been gifted a robe to use by the pool. For whatever reason, Lexi then started using the robe with water to take off her makeup. Literally, she was removing her makeup with water and a robe. Every night, she would use a different section of her robe to remove her makeup… until it hit her! She had not purchased a single makeup removal product in over five years! To make sure she wasn’t crazy, she cut her robe into smaller pieces and started asking people close to her to try it out. After much testing and surveying of friends and family, the verdict was in: this chemical-free makeup remover was magic!

Lexi wanted to share this discovery with the world and began formulating a better, softer, and plusher material than the one she had used from the robe. The result was a perfect blend of antibacterial polyester to erase ALL makeup with JUST water! Lexi patented the blend to give us all The Original MakeUp Eraser we use and know today.

The first ever MakeUp Eraser was hand cut and sewn by Lexi’s grandmother in her sewing room from their hometown in Washington. Still today, the company remains a family-oriented business with Lexi, Daniel, her sister Shiianna and her mother Tanya hands on everyday. Six years later, and the brand is global and selling in some of the largest retailers in the world.

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