In life exist all sorts of things to believe in, paths to follow, ways to be led. It is our nature to chase the potential of new ideas and passions. Many times they start with such promise, only to end in disappointment. LTB takes its name from the hope that we will choose to pursue the positives of the world despite the chance of letdown. That we will still seek the risk of happiness, that we will know something good is always around the corner, that we will let ourselves be led to believe the best is yet to come...
A leather goods line founded by Eva Ozon with her first collection called "LED TO BELIEVE", is a Los Angeles based accessory line.

Eva was born in Poland and raised in Chicago. She attended Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles and obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in fashion design. Eva has worked in the fashion industry, focusing on clothing design, for over 10 years.

The LTB collection is a clean, contemporary take on the bohemian aesthetic and reflects inspirations from travel, music and practical design. Each piece has been produced with a focus on leather quality and functionality.
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