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BEcoming Threads

We offer positive and simply stated apparel that lets what you wear tell your story.

The Story Behind Our Threads…
We are two moms ‘B’ecky and ‘E’rin the BE behind BEcoming Threads. Everyone has a story and a path they are following. We were both asking questions about who we wanted to be and wondering if we were living our story to its full potential. When we realized we were both looking for the same things, we chose to bring our talents and energy together to create BEcoming Threads. Words have power and create emotion, so why not put hopeful and uplifting messages on fashionable apparel? Why not share our story with others? BEcoming threads has become a way for us to purposefully and joyfully fill the gaps between who we are today and who we want to BEcome.
BEcoming Threads offers simply stated apparel with high quality printing and soft and wearable fabrics. You will always feel confident and comfortable as you share your story and wear BEcoming Threads. This is our Story…”Let What You Wear Tell Your Story”
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