Collection: Allegiance

Born from action sports and the outdoor culture of Southern California, Allegiance is a West Coast lifestyle brand dedicated to creating authentic, quality apparel. Family owned and operated from the beginning, we take pride in everything we make, drawing on years of experience and heritage in the garment industry to develop hybrid clothing with progressive fabrics and cuts.
Allegiance has always been about an active lifestyle. We grew up surfing and skating, riding motocross and mountain bikes, or cycling up and down the coast. Over the years, our all-in approach to "going big or going home" has also gained us a loyal following among military and first responders—a group that likes to play as hard as they work and expect the same from their gear.
We’ve always said we only stamp our logo on what we believe in, and we believe in those who take a stand and stand proud. Wherever your passion takes you, Allegiance has your back.